Tuesday, March 15, 2011

On Three Stacked Pyramids: The voice of experience is honored in a learning culture

One concept that has taken hold of our cluster very recently, and focused our energy, is the idea that under the learning pyramid of study circles is another pyramid composed of the junior youth going through the spiritual empowerment curiculum. And furthermore, beneath those two pyramids lie the children’s class curriculum pyramid. This visualization, using three stacked triangles, has caused our cluster to focus primarily on increasing the foundation pyramids, especially when we took into consideration the percent of return of investment and the idea that families of the children naturally become involved with the process of growth.
From Loree, now up in Alaska, who was one of the first in our area to animate a Junior Youth Empowerment Group. The voice of experience is honored in a learning culture. Stacked triangles, huh. -gw

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