Monday, March 07, 2011

On the Tacoma Invaders Football Club: Helping out, building community

Helping out by taking photos and videos of the Tacoma Invaders Football Club is one way I can be involved in promoting community. It's soul-satisfying getting to know a great bunch of guys who undoubtedly care about the quality of life inTacoma as much as I do.
Taking a player home after practice, I learned of the suicide of a 29-year old acquaintance of his. What can we do to help prevent such tragic deaths among young men in this town? Whether on the field or off, there is so much we can do together to raise up and help unify the town we live in. What is the reason we are living in this day? What other reason can there possibly be than to bring unity and purpose to others? That's the reason we're alive.
Hey, check out the Tacoma Invaders Facebook page!

Tacoma Invaders | Facebook

I'm so glad I'm now able to post directly my photos to the Invaders page. -gw 

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