Tuesday, March 22, 2011

On Reflection Meetings in Tonga: Parents automatically bring their young ones

Our next reflection meeting in Cluster 19 WA is just around the corner. I noticed the post below on Stephanie's blog from Tonga about theirs in the cluster she is in in Tonga. Stephanie is a Baha'i citizen of the world hailing from Tacoma, a Stadium High School graduate, BTW, now doing her Baha'i Year of Service in that great island nation in the Pacific
Sunday there was a Cluster Reflection Meeting for the Tongatapu cluster of this whole main island. It was very well attended (they get 80-150 adults and youth and 30-40 children at it!) and I was so happy to learn that parents automatically bring their young ones to it even if they don’t know if a program has been arranged for the children – such a good reminder of family and children being central to the community and not isolating people instead!
This is Steph at our last reflection meeting here in January. -gw

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