Wednesday, March 30, 2011

On Introducing Math Concepts At a Very Early Age: Measuring with ribbons

We hear a lot about the importance of reading, getting kids started early. We don't hear as much about getting kids started early with math. Here is Bill from our last Peninsula's Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Group describing the significance of introducing math concepts in preschool, giving an example of a strategy, measuring with ribbons, following up on the conversation he started the month previously. In many parts of the world, in many cultures, young children play math games with their parents as they kick or throw a ball . -gw
Thou didst write as to the question of spiritual discoveries. The spirit of man is a circumambient power that encompasseth the realities of all things. Whatsoever thou dost see about thee—wondrous products of human workmanship, inventions, discoveries and like evidences—each one of these was once a secret hidden away in the realm of the unknown. The human spirit laid that secret bare, and drew it forth from the unseen into the visible world. There is, for example, the power of steam, and photography and the phonograph, and wireless telegraphy, and advances in mathematics: each and every one of these was once a mystery, a closely guarded secret, yet the human spirit unravelled these secrets and brought them out of the invisible into the light of day. Thus is it clear that the human spirit is an all-encompassing power that exerteth its dominion over the inner essences of all created things, uncovering the well kept mysteries of the phenomenal world.

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