Saturday, March 12, 2011

On a Chance to Serve in an Official Capacity: I'll keep the camera running

I happened to have the camera running when Coach Charles and Coach Will asked me to be the Invaders' photographer, my first opportunity to serve the organization is an official capacity. I was both surprised and thrilled to be asked. Of course, I said yes. A few days later had a chance to state my photography "philosophy" on the Invaders Facebook page in response to comment.
Given the convenience that the posterous blogging platform provides, I have created another blog just to tell the story of my involvement with Invaders and Tigers football here in Tacoma. To do so, I have pulled together the several dozen posts that chronicle how I came to know Coach Charles and the work that he and others like Coach Will and Karen are doing to support children, youth and young adults in our community through the two football organizations.. Baha'i Views is, of course, my primary personal blog, but I will simultaneously autopost to Community Building Through Invaders/Tigers Football any post related to the Invaders or Tigers. Here the "About" page to the new blog. -gw

... become familiar with the myriad social spaces, beyond geographic ones, in which segments of the population come together and to offer them, to the extent possible, the wisdom enshrined in the teachings.

The December 28, 2010, Message from the Universal House of Justice

Baha'is work in neighborhoods to help spiritualize the planet through offering certain core activities that contribute to social cohesion and unity of purpose in a community. But as the quote above makes clear, Baha'is are called upon to look beyond the neighborhood to other "social spaces." One such social space in my town I have come to admire so much involves the young adults and children of all ages, together with their families and friends, who are affiliated with the Tacoma Invaders adult minor league football club and the UTYA (Upper Tacoma Youth Athletics) Tigers.

This blog is intended as a place to keep the posts I have done on Baha'i Views over the past several years which describe my efforts to get to know and to work with this football-loving extended family. I come to the work inspired by the Baha'i vision and look to support the development of four core activities as a vehicle for community-builiding:  devotional meetings, Ruhi study circles, Baha'i children's classes and junior youth groups.

The posts here cover the steps along the way to my surprising involvement in the sport of football that all started with meeting on his very doorstep a football coach by the name of Charles. Who knows where my service will take me, but I'm thrilled with the continuing prospects for trying to be helpful. -gw

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