Thursday, March 10, 2011

On All She Wants to Do Is Camp: May the earthly world become a camping-place for the heavenly hosts

Bonita wants to go camping. Cook on an open fire. Put the canoe in the water on a nearby lake. Hike a hillside in the sunshine. And she wants it all NOW. But it's still too cold and rainy. Poor baby! -gw
I beg of God that He may strengthen and solidify such connections between the friends (believers), so that the spiritual unity may become a manifest light and the earthly world may become a camping-place for the heavenly hosts.
O thou dear maid-servant of God! Be thou aglow and illumined and be thou enkindled in soul with the fire of the love of God in every assemblage. Be not quiet for a moment and do not seek composure even for an hour (i.e., be active in spreading the light). Be thou a cause for the illumining of hearts and spiritualizing of souls.

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