Tuesday, March 01, 2011

On Active Baha'is in the Neighborhood: And on the web

I’m a nut about exploration and learning. Finding out the truth is my greatest joy, and bringing together diverging opinions my ultimate goal. I work within the Baha’i framework because I believe that the truths it promotes are perfectly aligned with the needs of today, its scripture is the most complete body of guidance that I have ever come across, it descends from a noble history, and its champions are dignified and worthy of emulation.
 What are you doing on the web? New Facebook friend Emad is associated with these efforts.
This is from Janna on Baha'i Reflections. -gw
During their conversations at the door, the adults explained the community building efforts (the brunches, the service project and possibly a Women’s Gathering) and asked if they would like to participate. In addition to the two new families (with older children) who were involved because of the craft, five new families without children responded positively and gave their contact information. We learned that people are yearning for connection with other people.

At the next Brunch/Devotional, the two families with older children attended and we had our largest gathering yet- 22 people. The other five families did not come and maybe it is because we hadn’t had the opportunity to strengthen our friendships yet. Coming to an event where you don’t know anyone can be very intimidating, especially when you know everyone else has kids. We are hoping that the upcoming Woman’s Gathering will engage another population in our building.

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