Monday, February 07, 2011

On Party Like It's the Chinese New Year: Tacoma's Baha'i Feast of Mulk

Another unusual and lovely Baha'i Feast last night, this one at Joseph and Christan's home up near Pt Defiance. Can't wait to see what core activities we will be able to get started in that Tacoma neighborhood.
We had all the excitement I've come to expect our Feasts to have, thanks to lots of children and youth, relatively speaking, and the usual mix of sometimes unruly and cantakerous old people like Bonita and me. (OK, perhaps a slight exaggeration there). Throw in the howls of a blue-eyed dog into the mix, and you got a party. 
The dog leaped into the room like a rabbit, which was apropriate, because we gave homage to Chinese New Year's with the bright red envelopes that Debbie had available for the friends to put their Baha'i Fund contributions in.. It may have been the Feast of Mulk, and not Naw Ruz, the Baha'i New Year, but it happened to be the beginning the Year of the Rabbit, according to the Chinese calendar. -gw

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