Friday, February 04, 2011

On Pain: It does me no harm and causes me to grow

"Pain is an incentive to change." No truer words were every spoke. And I say this as a mental health counselor. Here's Brent on a Huffington Post blog:
Pain, put to good use, is an incentive to change, a stimulus to draw us closer to God, and a means of purifying our motives. I have personally found that directly trying to reduce the pain is counterproductive. Rather, I embrace the pain, and work with it. I recall reading a Persian aphorism in a book many years ago: "If a moment burns -- let it burn." I have found this to be great advice. I ask myself what is causing the pain, and resolve to change within me whatever brought it about. Whether it is the pain of exposure of my own shortcomings, or pain caused by another, if I let it burn inside, and if I view it as burning away my ego, I find, without exception, that it does me no harm and causes me to grow. This is consistent with this guidance received from Shoghi Effendi:

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