Friday, February 18, 2011

On Making My Top Five Baha'i-Inspired Songs List: TaliaSafa everyday

I've often thought that I should put a "My Top Five Favorite Songs of the Day" post up every day on my blog(s). Every day that list would ebb and flow, of course, as I hear new music and rediscover old songs. Were I to start this practice, I just know that songs from TaliaSafa's self-titled album would make my list again and again. I love their voices, the quality of the production of their songs (thanks be to producer Jon Rezin, I'm sure), and just the pure listenability of their music. Checking into Baha'i-themed postings, I came across these playful photo sets of the two souls who make up this dyanmic duo on their Flickr account. -gw.

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