Sunday, February 13, 2011

On A Hét Völgy & Tárnoki Beatrix: Baha'i music from Hungary

A Hét Völgy & Tárnoki Beatrix's album Hova Mehet a Szerelmas? "has elements of Middle Eastern, Hungarian folk, Hungarian Roma, Spanish Roma, and Columbian music combined with modern influences of jazz and pop," to quote from the liner notes. All the lyrics, sung in Hungarian, are drawn from Bahu'llah's Hidden Words.
I am loving the album "Whither can a lover go?" by The Seven Valleys, the title song of which is performed in the video above. I love the inclusion of the the clarinet in the song performed in the video below.
How Long Art Thou To Slumber? / Meddig Szunnyadsz?
The album can be purchased from CD baby: -gw

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