Sunday, February 20, 2011

On the Growth of the Baha'i Faith in the Dominican Republic: Every day the Baha'is over there are going out teaching

Over the winter holidays Bricelda spent 6 weeks in the Dominican Republic whee she is from. At the Ruhi Book 1 class held in her home last week, she had this description of Baha'i expansion there. -gw
Bricelda: "You live in a building and all your neighbors know you are Baha'i. It's a process, because [the Dominican Rebublic] is a Catholic country. Every day the Baha'is over there are going out teaching. I think the Baha'i Faith has a good future. [For] some teaching people, like the youth people, the Faith is bringing another way. They go to those classes and they're learning. They go to areas no one else will go to work with those muchachas [and] muchachos]."

Farhad: "Most of the people who come to the schools are youth, probably teenagers, probably at least more than half."

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