Thursday, February 17, 2011

On Eat of the Good Things of Which God Had Allowed You: Deprive not yourselves from His wondrous bounties

There was more to the recent day trip we made to Kitsap County than just our visiting Foulweather Bluff Reserve, as wonderful as that was. -gw
Should a man wish to adorn himself with the ornaments of the earth, to wear its apparels, or partake of the benefits it can bestow, no harm can befall him, if he alloweth nothing whatever to intervene between him and God, for God hath ordained every good thing, whether created in the heavens or in the earth, for such of His servants as truly believe in Him. Eat ye, O people, of the good things which God hath allowed you, and deprive not yourselves from His wondrous bounties. Render thanks and praise unto Him, and be of them that are truly thankful.

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