Thursday, January 27, 2011

On Your Momma's Gone: Rocky's loss at age 16

I guess you can say I am compiling Rocky's autobiography in spoken word in 90-second video clips that, with hiskind permission,  I am putting put up on Flickr and posting about on Baha'i Views. Last week Rocky told about the murder of his mother and the death of his father through suicide when he was just 16 back in the little Appalachian town of Ironton, Ohio. At age 17 Rocky went into the Navy, a choice that lead later to his finding a career as able bodied seaman on freighters and tugs. -gw
The condition of the soul after death.
  • The faithful soul will attain a sublime position and eternal happiness, but the unfaithful soul will recognize its loss and be consumed in eternal remorse.
  • No one knows his own end; therefore, we should forgive others and not feel superior towards them.
  • In the next world, the holy souls become acquainted with all mysteries and behold the beauty of God.
  • In the next world, we will recognize our loved ones and enjoy companionship with the friends of God; we will remember the life we had in this material world.

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