Wednesday, January 19, 2011

On Power to the People, Photos for Sultan: God from everlasting was love, justice, power

[Flickr] Jamie Frank has invited you to see the MLK jr. Day, Tacoma, Wa. set on Flickr


this set might also serve as the set for the month of Sultan ....... what do you think ? Jamie

 MLK jr. Day, Tacoma, Wa.
I think it's a great reflection on the Baha'i month of Sultan, or sovereignty, Jamie! -gw
God is eternal and ancient; not a new God. His sovereignty is of old, not recent; not merely existent these five or six thousand years. This infinite universe is from everlasting. The sovereignty, power, names and attributes of God are eternal, ancient. His names presuppose creation and predicate His existence and will. We say God is creator. This name creator appears when we connote creation. We say God is the provider. This name presupposes and proves the existence of the provided. God is love. This name proves the existence of the beloved. In the same way God is mercy, God is justice, God is life, etc., etc. Therefore as God is creator, eternal and ancient, there were always creatures and subjects existing and provided for. There is no doubt that divine sovereignty is eternal. Sovereignty necessitates subjects, ministers, trustees and others subordinate to sovereignty. Could there be a king without country, subjects and armies? If we conceive of a time when there were no creatures, no servants, no subjects of divine lordship we dethrone God and predicate a time when God was not. It would be as if He had been recently appointed and man had given these names to Him. The divine sovereignty is ancient, eternal. God from everlasting was love, justice, power, creator, provider, the omniscient, the bountiful.

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