Friday, January 14, 2011

On Old and New: There's room for both in Baha'i community life

As we were leaving our Book 8 session last time Mrs. J was saying how she wants to keep her Wednesday night fireside, held since 1967, going after she dies and somebody was saying how the LSA is looking into that and I was thinking how nobody, not if there were a million applicants could ever fill this woman's shoes in our lifetime and I was thinking what somebody should do, somebody with a camcorder that is, is to record what she has to say and put her on YouTube so that her beloved fireside could continue on forever in Cyberspace and then maybe somebody will run across the Baha'i Faith through her unique testimony the same way I ran across Odetta who showed me what a blues singer can do with House of the Rising Sun. In my dreams ...
John has a story to tell here. Book 8, Baha'i firesides, YouTube, Odetta. Old and new.
The term "Baha'i fireside" is not new, has been in use for decades.
A reference to attending a Book 8, the latest workbook in the Ruhi Institute series, now that's new.
Old and new, there's room for both. -gw

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