Tuesday, January 04, 2011

On the Nature of Us: Finding the Divine in writing

The pieces on this blog are rooted in the work of a weekly gathering among friends. The purpose of the group is to improve in the craft of writing and to share pieces, both fiction and non-fiction, that explore the fundamentally spiritual nature of individuals, relationships and communities.

We long to write about humans in a way that does justice to them. We want to get better at describing the negative forces—the barriers, like greed and materialism—that keep us from fulfilling our potential, but we are also learning how to write about hope, about love and about the transcendental qualities of human nature with the same precision. A few of us meet every Friday in a Toronto apartment building, but we anticipate that those from distant places will be inspired to contribute as well. ...

Thanks to my anonymous source in the cold white north for the item above and the news below that Phyllis Ring is coming to the Pacific Northwest in connection with her book Life at First Sight and will also offer a workshop for writers at East West Bookshop in Seattle in early February.
Phyllis Edgerly Ring, author
Life at First Sight: Finding the Divine in the Details
"Turn all your thoughts toward bringing joy to hearts."

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