Sunday, January 16, 2011

On How To Make Money At Music: Now touring is the cornerstone

What music are you listening to there days? How many of the musicians producing the music are Baha'i? Are those musicians still producing music for sale? Do you ever wonder in the case of an artist, will there ever be another album to enjoy?  
If the musician is a Baha'i, there is an immediate advantage. The Baha'i community.
Last week I listened to Steve Shere on KUOW FM, the Seattle NPR affiliate, in a discussion about "How To Make Money At Music" The programis up on the KUOW website and available as a podcast. -gw
Industry analysts and executives have bemoaned the imminent death of the music industry ever since the birth of the Internet. In reality it's only the record business that's in peril. Album sales once built musical empires. Now touring is the cornerstone of an artist's financial success. Bands who make the road their home are not just insulated from the drop in record sales — they can be profitable! How can you succeed in the modern music industry? Tune in to find out.

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