Friday, January 21, 2011

On High Flying Baha'i Youth: How are we expected to measure distances over the water?

Isaac is baack from an extended visit to South Africa! Got back during the MLK celebration/potluck at his house.
Steph is gone to Tonga for her Baha'i Year of Service.
> Hey All!
> I made it to Tonga! I'm sitting here in an Internet cafe!
> Flights went fine, though i needed EVERY SECOND of that layover in LA to get
> through the lines.  Nice Tongan woman on
> the plane taught me some words (like glass of water, and bread with butter
> ;-))  More to come!
> It's hot yet lovely here with infrequent scattered showers and managable
> humidity.  Moved into my place, have a bank account, and went veggie
> shopping in the market. Turns out there are some left over spices for me to
> use, so you can hold on to the ones I left for now.
> It's beautifully green here and I love all the plant life, even if the
> buildings themselves are a bit dingier and tiny ants are everywhere on the
> floors.  Found a tiny gecko in my closet when unpacking with the cute 7 yr
> old boy who live next store and, after each item of clothing I pulled out
> asked, "Are you done yet?!" ;-) There will be 2 girls pioneering here from
> England starting Thurs, so I'll have housemates till they get their own
> place, then another YOS youth comes from Canada next month to be my roommate
> I think.  Till then, I've got the modest place to myself!  Bedroom for two,
> closet, linen closet, shower bathroom, and a shared kitchen.  Will work on
> pictures and blogging as i settle in.  Jetlag not so bad! Soon to get cell
> phone too, so I my get to call soon.
> Well, there's some sort of jr. youth meeting about to occur, so we have to
> go.  Much love!
> --
> Stephanie
And this young woman is blogging about her Year of Service experience, much to my great delight.
Steph may now be in Tonga now, but has a published poem on visiting Italy. -gw 

The holiday over, in a Rome deaf
to the gods of the past,
the night falling
in Cinque Terre,
our footsteps slow on the receding steps,
the milk mixing with honey in small cafés
the panini melting soft cheese in the morning,
but first, the moon must fade into the night sky
just above the frozen horizon,
how are we expected to measure distances over the water?

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