Saturday, December 18, 2010

On Serve, Blog, Link: My endorsement

I've started another blog. This one's just for photos taken during my noon hour hike in the Illahee Preserve across the street from where I work: It's for my work colleagues enjoyment and my own. It's not a blog about the Faith, but everything that a Baha'i does reflects on the Faith in some way. 
Here's the latest photo set featured on it.
I heartily endorse Phillippe's call for Baha'is to blog. As busy we get in the our engagement with the process of building spiritual community, there is always time to blog. Whether we're tuoring a study circle every week, teaching a children's class, animating a junior youth group, offering a devotional meeting in our home, serving on a Baha'i spiritual assembly, orworking on a cluster or regional level in any one of the positions associated with the Institute Process, there are a few minutes here or there to share an insight or an experience in a blog post.
It's easy to start up a blog. Here are all the blogs I've started since 2006 that are still up on the 'net. -gw

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