Friday, December 10, 2010

On Core Strength Training: The Baha'i core activities for football players

When I was talking with Charles at his home last weekend, before we headed over tot he awards ceremony for the Tacoma Tigers, he mentioned that the he hopes the adult football club he will be coaching this year can incorporate service to the community as a part of their committment t tahe team. That, of course, is a Baha'i perspective. Service should be a fundamental part of our lives. 
It got me to thinking.  A focus on the importance of service is an outcome of study of what is God's purpose for us in this day. A vehicle to arrive at such a focus is the Baha'i Study Circle. I am imagining the 25 or 30 men in the football club participating in multiple study circles; there are Baha'i tutors who would be happy to facilitate these circles. (I'm thinking Lori would be good. She is a tutor and has an appreciation of sports.)
Another core activity for spiritually minded people is the habit of prayer and devotion. I am imagining a regular devotional meeting for football club members each week to keep them spiritually in tune. (I'd love to help with setting those up.)
Many of these men have children. I'm thinking children's classes, perhaps while Dads practice over at Jennie Reed Elementary School. (Hey Helen, what Baha'i children's class teachers are ready to arise?)
I'm imagining core strength training! -gw

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