Friday, November 05, 2010

On Staying in the Middle of "It": Photos for the Baha'i month of Qudrat (Power)

Born 1947 in Wels Austria to a Dutch refugee and a U.S.ww2 veteran .... Emmigrated to Virginia USA in '52, then the Pacific Northwest where I still am. Got involved in photography in 1966 in college, worked as a social worker into the 80's and then full time as a photographer ever since. Been lucky to be in the middle of "it" ever since I can remember, have met and continue to meet the most amazing people, both famous and anonymous. Had the good fortune of three amazing kids, the love of a good woman and a lifelong series of friends and lovers to inspire me.......
Jamie Frank's photo sets shared here at the beginning of each Baha'i month are each metaphorical statements that draw on the infinite meanings of the names of the months in the Baha'i calendar. Always unique and surprising, even sometimes iconoclastic, the sets draw together photos taken over a lifetime and reflect his special interests and experiences. I am grateful to be able to share them on Baha'i Views. -gw

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