Monday, November 08, 2010

On Shedding the Lethargy: Light upon light in a graveyard

Weaving around between graves, on an awkward stumbling trek, Mansoureh showed me to Mrs. Afnan's grave.  She passed away a few years ago, leaving her beautiful big residence to the Baha'i community of Debrecen.  That's where I'm now staying!  So we paused at her grave and prayed for her soul too.  We were surrounded by thousands of candles wearily trying to fight back a chilly dark night, and we realized that both of our prayers mentioned light: her's I think mentioned "light upon light" and mine "plunge into the sea of light, in the world of mysteries."
A great "Day of the Dead" reflection on Shedding the Lethargy: A log of my travels and experiences on a four month adventure abroad by a Baha'i in Hungary. -gw

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