Wednesday, November 24, 2010

On Discourse With Switchblade: Pastor put-down as neo-Bahá'í"

Unlike Rick Warren, McLaren isn't actually a Christian -- he's some kind of neo-Bahá'í-ist or Bhakti Krishna-ist with an interest in the Christian narrative as it relates to his own personal collected Upanishads. And the more he speaks, the less likely it is that he's going to come back around to the Christian faith which he allegedly started in before he got so wise.
The discourse on some Christian websites is a bit vicious. Who is this poor put-down pastor? I like the guy already.
Brian D. McLaren is a prominent, controversial voice in the emergent church movement. He was recognized as one of Time magazine's "25 Most Influential Evangelicals in America" in 2005, and is the founding pastor of Cedar Ridge Community Church in Spencerville, Maryland.
Here is the Baha'i standard for speech. -gw
One word may be likened unto fire, another unto light, and the influence which both exert is manifest in the world. Therefore an enlightened man of wisdom should primarily speak with words as mild as milk, that the children of men may be nurtured and edified thereby and may attain the ultimate goal of human existence which is the station of true understanding and nobility.

Baha'u'llah, LAWḤ-I-MAQṢÚD (Tablet of Maqṣúd)

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