Monday, November 01, 2010

On Blogging Is So Yesterday: Like Halloween

Blogging is a thing of the past, or it just feels that way sometimes. Use to be I'd put posts up Monday through Friday and all weekend, too. There is little time for that now. It's either working in the crawlspace under the house, as I did Saturday; or Assembly or Area Teaching Committee meetings, as I have tonight and next Monday; or Ruhi 1's on Wednesdays and Sundays; or devotionals, in our home every Thursday or at Rocky's; or pure Baha'i family fun, like DJ-ing at Nagar and Albert's barn as I did on Saturday; or taking a drive/hike/canoe in the country with Bonita, as we did yesterday (it was just a drive this time). No complaints though. Such is (Baha'i) life. And no worries either. New Baha'i bloggers pop up everyday and carry the slack. -gw

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