Friday, October 01, 2010

On a Modern Kemetic in Japan: And Sun Ra in the world

Since coming to Japan, I have met at least four other people just as interested in religion as I am. I have learned so much about the Jewish faith from one of my friends and learned about a relatively new faith called the Baha’i Faith from another friend. Sometimes, a group of us foreigners will get together to talk about religion and our opinions and views. It’s all very mixed: I am now what I consider to be modern Kemeticism, and then we have a Theravada Buddhist, a Jew, an atheist, a non-denominational spiritualist, and occasionally a Baha’i. Our discussions are always incredibly enlightening, both for myself and for the others.
Anglica is a pagan and blogs about her beliefs. Never heard of kemeticism? Think ancient Egypt.
When I think Egypt, the unique and wonderful musician Sun Ra comes to mind. I love his song Otherness Blues every time it comes up on my iPod. -gw

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