Tuesday, October 05, 2010

On Connection, Not Competition. Our voices should call people together, not separate them

An unusual site.  Cracks open my prejudices... maybe.

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Thanks, GWN. The website Read the Spirit includes many Baha'i links. "It's all about connection," is their subtitle. The logo is a dove; Christianity must be a focus. It marks its inaugeration with 10 principles "nailed to a 21st century porta.l" The symbolism of the act gives reference to Christian Protestant tradition.
Here are their "Ten 21st-Century Principles of Religious Publishing." They catch some measure of the spirit of the age we live in, which began with the revelations of the Bab and Baha'u'llah in the mid 19th Century.  -gw
Principle 1: It’s about the Voice, not the book.
Principle 2: If we are people of Truth, then we have nothing to fear from creatively, vigorously searching for Truth.
Principle 3: We must look for Truth in every stage and condition of life — and in every corner of our human family — because our traditions call us to overturn false assumptions about the vulnerable.
Principle 4: It’s about connection, not competition. Our Voices should call people together, not separate them.
Principle 5: The most powerful spiritual stories are in the lives of the ordinary people we meet.
Principle 6: Millions of people are looking for the best path toward a spiritually satisfying Home.
Principle 7: We are in an era of profound cultural change that raises spiritual questions, across the spectrum, about our relationship to our planet - and the meaning of the place in which we live.
Principle 8: The Spirit moves in community.
Principle 9: Radical transparency is good business.
Principle 10: Peace is possible.

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