Wednesday, October 06, 2010

On Celia at the Mandolin Cafe: Her "Symbol" for religous freedom

One of the most memorable evenings during the recent visit of my brother to Tacoma was the 90 minutes we spent at our local "3rd place," Mandolin Cafe. It has music every night, but one doesn't necessarily expect anything the calibre of Celia, who was the second performer of the evening.
Who's Celia? Well, this red-headed singer and comedienne of thiNGs Irish, is the songwriter who did a piece intended to defend religious freedom, a subject certainly dear to the hearts of Baha'is. This was around the case of an American soldier who wanted a pagan symbol for his gravestone at Arlington National Cemetary.

“Upholding the right to worship as one desires is everyone’s issue no matter what your belief system. I wrote “Symbol” because all faiths deserve to be validated under a nation that built it’s foundation on this very principle.” -Celia
""Symbol" has become the Anthem of the Veteran Pentacle Quest. It is a rousing call to the VA to honor Sgt. Patrick Stewart with his emblem of belief, the Pentacle, on his memorial plaque. And, it is a powerful reminder of the need to uphold America's First Amendment Freedoms."
- Rev. Selena Fox, Senior Minister of Circle Sanctuary

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