Wednesday, October 13, 2010

On Baha'i Musicians in the World: Probably a whole lot more than admit it

“Both my parents were professional musicians when I was growing up,” says Snook. “My father is a singer songwriter, my mother was a violin teacher, and my grandmother was a musician too. We all played in the orchestra together. I started learning piano when I was two or three, I did Suzuki violin when I was three, and played cello, bassoon, baritone, oboe and percussion in the marching band. In fact, my dream when I was young was to play oboe in the Boston Pops.”
Mitko tells a lovely story on his blog Befriended Stranger about Kelly and Caeli and makes a personal admition. Good going coming clean! How many other Baha'i muscians are there out there? Probably a whole lot more than admit it.  -gw
I got asked a question if I am a musician, and as always I said, “No, but I am a singer”, explaining that I could never consider myself a musician since I’d never had a formal musical education. Later,at home, we sat around the dinner table to share prayers (somehow both Kelly and Caeli picked prayers I had never actually heard!) and I sang a prayer song to wish them safe travels. Kelly complimented  me on my singing saying that she had never actually heard my voice before — I answered jokingly that I had been talking the whole evening. But Caeli nailed it down, saying directly: “Mitko, you ARE a musician; stop retelling a false story…”So, I guess it is time to admit, or rather make a statement: I am a musician!

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