Friday, October 01, 2010

On All Through the Night: Uploading video to Flickr

I love this lullaby, "All Through the Night"
I finally had the chance to upload to Flickr the videos from last Monday's Baha'i Feast during an almost 1 GB download last night after I went to bed. I love raw video, shaky camera and uncertain focus. My cinema verite. Note that the music providing stirring ambiance to the tail end of Feast is Rowhan's "Remover of Difficulties."
I uploaded more from last week's Baha'i devotional. Note here the playing of Matthew Levine's "Anthem for the World," which was offered at a particularly appropriate moment in the evening.
Also uploaded to Flickr was another wonderful video sequence of Rocky telling stories, including more his days in the Navy, which, as he is almost 70, was a long, long time ago.
And ;asat but not least. video cliips from Donna Weston I'll be putting up on The Penninsula's Early Childhood Consultation Group site(s) were put up on Flickr as well. -gw

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