Monday, September 13, 2010

On Two Family Gatherings: A Sunday in September

I am a part of many families: i.e., the human family, the extended family of my spouse and progeny and relations, and our Baha'i family. Sunday Bonita and I had two family gatherings to go to. First we went to a home devotional, with breakfast included, offered by members of our Baha'i family, Tim and Deb. Then we went to lunch at my son's home, joined by my daughter and her husband visiting for the weekend to participate in a City of Tacoma-hosted 11th annual 10K race. Both gatherings offered rich opportunities for recording for posperity (and throwing it all up onto Flickr) the goings-on. The actions of little ones were especially noteworthy. At Rue and Annie's it's little Dan Dan who still steals the show. At Tim & Deb's it was Gilmar. I'm so glad that Charles was able to come to Tim & Deb's with his family, Kim, Gina, and the little guy. -gw

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