Tuesday, September 07, 2010

On Sticking It Out: And be not of those who doubt

Xhosa and Persian -- "A darling Baha'i lady from Jo'burg - she is in typical Xhosa makeup - though this was end of day and most of it had worn off, but you can see her cheeks and part of her outfit, mother of friend of mine, has a complicated name!!!"
Martha discovered that Uganda was like her beloved Vanutu. Then she decided to return to South Africa. -gw
Soon what I thought was confirmation for me to stay in Uganda became confirmation for me to stay in South Africa. As I talked to people about the problems that I had noticed in SA the reactions changed from “You should come here” to “they need all the help they can get, you should stay there”. That was the whole reason I decided to come to SA in the first place, because I realised how much they need the help. Losing that anger and resentment was so relieving. Suddenly I was excited about going home and putting my new energy into action. All it took was me removing myself from the picture and looking at things holistically instead of only from my point of view.

There is a prayer in the Baha’i Writings called the Tablet of Ahmad that really hit me. Although I’ve read it tonnes of times before, I've even memorised it, there was one line that I really took from it on this trip


“And be not of those who doubt.”


I challenged myself fulfil this line. Stop doubting life when things get hard, try more perseverance and determination. So I’m going to stick it out here in South Africa. It’s going to be hard and trying and frustrating but that’s ok. I have removed all my prior expectations and I’m just going to do what I can “Even if the swords of the enemies rain blows upon thee and all the heavens and the earth arise against thee..”


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