Friday, September 24, 2010

On Maximizing Human Potential: The study of infant mental health inspired by the beauty of the day

I posted this photo set on my "other " other blog, The Peninsulas Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Group, content of which also appears in this permutation via autoposting. I include it here on Baha'i Views simply for the juxtaposition of images of jargon-heavy slides from a presentation for mental health professionals together with photos of the historical location taken on a beautiful day.
Regarding the subject of mental halth, the values of the Baha'i Faith embrace the concept that humankind should do everything to maximize human potential, starting from the moment of conception through the critical years of infancy and early childhood, straight through to adulthood and beyond. As each individual is able to achieve his or her potential, we will experience an ever-advancing civilization in accordance with God's blueprint. -gw

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