Wednesday, September 22, 2010

On a Change of Address: Moving in support of the Plan

"a shift in consciousness"
"building community"
"capacity building"
"the new national Baha'i website"
"updates on the web"
"new book"
"in support of the Plan"
"a natural progression"
"a shift in consciousness"
"reaching the goals of this Plan"
"children, parents and the friends get involved together"
"love for the Baha'i revelation dissolves barriers"
"change of address"
These are all phrases to be found in the headlines in the current issue of the American Baha'i. Notice a theme?
We're asked to raise up 308 pioneers before the end of the Plan next spring. Some of the friends are moving to fulfill that goal. But, really, all Baha'is are called upon to move, both cognitively and spiritually, in support of the plan. What is your change of address? -gw

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