Tuesday, September 21, 2010

On Breaking a Record for Consecutive Paddles: And rain

This is how it all started a week ago. My brother came to visit. I haven't posted since the day of his arrival and I haven't checked my email since last Friday. It has felt a little wierd, I must admit.
He has come up to canoe most years since 2001. Last year our gadding around was abbreviated; we had a reunion to go to in Canada. in 2008 he was recovering from a health problem. So this year our goal was to get back into the groove. We did seven paddles in seven days. We canoed the very day of his arrival and we canoed the day of his departure.  I think we broke our own record.
In Washington, consecutive daily-record rainfall amounts were established on September 17-18 in Olympia and Seattle, with 2-day totals reaching 2.52 ...
Several of those paddles were in Eastern Washington where it was still sunny and warm, unlike Western WA which has had four times as much rain as usual for September this year.

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