Friday, August 27, 2010

On Saying Hello to Young Lovebirds and Having Dinner with a Dipper: The trip home

This weekend can't possibly measure up to last weekend, so I'm going to linger a bit more with the memories. Here are the remaining photo sets from last weekend's photography extravaganza. Please indulge me this one more post.
After we left the Hanford Reach we headed to the nearby TriCities to see Matt and Ruhiyyih.
Then we took I-82 West to Hwy 12, taking 410 towards Cayuse Pass. We stopped for a streamside dinner prepared by Bonita by the side of the van.
We continued over the pass by Tipsoo Lake in Mt Rainer National Park.
It was an alternate route to our usual way home via I-90. -gw

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