Monday, August 02, 2010

On Play Some More Jesus Music: I played Chelsea-Lyne

Let's hear it for Chelsea.
No not THAT Chelsea. Chelsea-Lyne Heins, 20 year old Canadian Baha'i singer/songwriter.

I was riding back t Tacoma with Jeff's boys, Jeff, Jr., Jerome, and Jamal, from swimming and prayers at Tony's in the Pierce Peninsula community.

Jamal asked if I could play some more of the "Jesus music" I had played on the way over. Actually, it was Nabilhino music, but I knew what he meant. They like the hip-hop and they knew it was spiritual. Instead of playing over the CD we had already listened to, I put in Chelsea-Lyne. I love the absolutely contemporary sound of her Baha'i-inspired music. So did the boys. -gw

Hear excerpts from Chelsea-Lyne's songs and purchase her self-titled album here:

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