Sunday, August 01, 2010

On Ethnic Fest As a Lesson: Paul Lample on teaching within the framework of the plan

Nice day yesterday in Tacoma, once the low clouds burned off. It was nice last Saturday, too. As Bonita has already mentioned on her blog, I manned the booth at Ethnic Fest a week ago, taking several hundred pictures and video clips, but experiencing a snafu that evening, when I began to edit the photos but failing to actually import them into the computer before doing a "quick format" on the SD card. Too quick, as it turns out. All my shots were lost. C'est la vie.
We went back Sunday, after paddling Mineral Lake, to catch the last bit of Ethnic Fest. I took only a relatively few shots (see the set above), none of which seem as good as "the ones that got away."  Nevertheless, the slideshow makes a nice vehicle for presenting another fascinating excerpt from the talk by Paul Lample given at the Baha'i House of Worship in Wilmette back in June. In his discussion of Baha'i booths at fairs and the like, he explains how the plan is not a formula but a guideline and that every activity we choose should be within the framework of the plan. Pretty timely, huh.  
This afternoon Deb and I are going over to meet with Regina, mother of three children who came to the Baha'i booth at Ethnic Fest last week. She said she had a Baha'i app on her iPhone but had never actually met a Baha'i. She had been looking for "a non-denominational religion" and had investigated the Baha'i Faith online. Her investigation extended to adding the application to her phone. She has been saying Baha'i prayers using the app. At the booth we desribed the Baha'i core activities as options for her to pursue;the interest card she filled out had checks next to them all. This afternoon we will discuss which ones she wishes to pursue first. Maybe we will have an opportunity to have a robust "Anna's conversation" with her as well. Say some prayers. -gw  

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