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On Newspaper Coverage of the Faith in Tacoma: Almost 100 years ago

He...makes specific reference to “the swiftly appearing newspapers,” describes them as “the mirror of the world” and as “an amazing and potent phenomenon,” and prescribes to all who are responsible for their production the duty to be sanctified from malice, passion and prejudice, to be just and fair-minded, to be painstaking in their inquiries, and ascertain all the facts in every situation.
In this the Internet era, it's difficult nigh unto impossible to get local newspaper coverage of the Faith, the news window is so small. One hundred years ago it was a different story. -gw
From: Northwest BahaiLibrary

Here are two articles from newspapers of Baha'i historical interest:

One article is likely the first major article about the Baha'i Faith
in a Tacoma Times newspaper announcing the planned tour of America by
'Adu'l-Baha in 1912.

The other article from a San Francisco newspaper, is about the first
public lecture on the Baha'i Faith in that city by Tacoma Baha'i
lecturer Nathan Ward Fitzgerald in 1905.

Incidentally, Fitzgerald and family moved to Los Angeles arounf the
time of  WWI .  He is buried not too far from the grave of Thornton
Chase, America's first Baha'i.

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