Thursday, July 08, 2010

On the Internal Dynamic Impelling Us to Change: One of the changing elements of the Cause are its teaching plans and strategies

Retired member of the Universal House of Justice mmber Peter Khan said it like this...
You have to use all your fingers and toes to count the number of Baha'i IPGs (that's acronym lingo for Intensive Programs of Growth) we have planned here in Cluster 19 WA. Yes, we are just about to experience the Big 20th. It starts Saturday and runs for 9 days. We go' be busy.
Twenty IPGs means we have endeavored to carry out 20 quarters of intensive teaching designed to expand our community of interest and contribute to the growth of our community. Upon completion of this 20th quarter we are entering into, it will have been five years since the very first one. Five years! It's hard to recall what Baha'i life was like before we became so engaged.
Our intensives are preceeded by a cluster-wide reflection meeting. The pictures immediately below of our latest such gathering-- these amazing images of children from our Baha'i children classes, these pics of stalwart souls wide-eyed with wonder and love -- are evidence of our progress. We met in Salishan, the name that will go down in Baha'i history here, the place where it all gelled. 
The world can talk about how it wants to gel, as evidenced by Collective Soul's classic rock tune, but Baha'is know what gelling really means. -gwd
Color me any color.
Speak to me in tongues and share.
Tell me how you'd love to hate me.
Tell me how you'd love to care.
Well I just want to shake us up.

Let's mingle
And make it well.
Come together now.
Yeah let's gel.

Clothe me in any fashion.
Glitter to so mundane.
Tell me how you'd love to change me.
Tell me I can stay the same.
I just want to shake us up.

Let's mingle
And make it well.
Come together now.
Yeah let's gel.
Well let's bungle
And live to tell
How we came together.
Yeah how we gelled. 

Gel by Collective Soul

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