Tuesday, July 20, 2010

On Hilltop in the Sunshine: A garden growing

Everything looks good in the sunshine. The Hilltop neighborhood of Tacoma looked especially good last weekend as I was out with my teammates, Dawn, Marcia, and Corinne, inviting residents to participate in the Baha'i core activities.

Our focus was on small apartment complexes, the kind where you can actually knock on someone's door, and a person on the other side can answer. We engaged in spiritual conversations with a young African-American mother of a 1 year old child, a Cambodian immigrant father of two young children, a 17-year old youth and a young adult Jehovah's Witness, both Caucasian, and a young couple, one Samoan and the other African-American, who are parents of another one year old. We did a follow-up visit to the single mother of a five year-old child, and with our friend Jeff, both African-American, who had been initially contacted during previous intensive campaigns.

It was a glorious weekend in the sunshine. In the middle of the neighborhood was a community garden, every vegetable planted there taking full advantage of the rays of the sun. I could not help but take out my camera to record the work in progress. -gw

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