Monday, July 19, 2010

On Growing Organically as a Cellular Cluster: Video proof of Baha'i life

I am a tiny cell
single alone and lowly
I have just found a plan
to help me grow systematically
into a group of five
into a local assembly
--From the Baha'i song "I am a Tiny Cell," written by Susan Jenkins and first sung back in the late 70s or early 80's
We gathered in the living room of a home in a wooded neighborhood in Gig Harbor, where the friends are striving to move from a group of 4 adults to have enough believers in the locality to form an Assembly. Some of the teachers going out during the Intensive Phase of our 20th expansion campaign focused on one particular apartment complex in the Gig Harbor City limits. Other teams returned to the Salishan neighborhood of Tacoma where we have had such astounding success setting up the Baha'i core activities to promote the development of a spiritual neighborhood. Other teams returned to Tacoma's Hilltop neighborhood where the friends cut their eye teeth in learning how to direct teach collectively. -gw
All of the videos of stories from the second weekend of Baha'i teaching uploaded so far. -gw 

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