Tuesday, July 06, 2010

On a Ghost Town and the Baha'i Faith: A history lesson

The little town of Molson in North Central Washington, was founded in 1898, at a time when the Baha'i Faith was in its infancy with adherents in only a few countries in the world. Molson thrived for a time, but by 1968 its schoolhouse had stopped educating children. In February of 1968 there were  13,940 registered Baha'is in the United States. (I know because that's when I became a Baha'i.) Today in the year 2010 (167 of the Baha'i Era) Old Molson is a ghost town, a place of pilgrimage for history buffs. Today Baha'is can be found in just about significant locality in the world, and is rapidly expanding its base, both in numbers and the rootedness of its believers in the practices of Baha'i belief.. While little Molson's sun has set, the sun of Baha is rising ever higher in the sky on a magnificent trajectory ordained by God. -gwd 

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