Wednesday, July 21, 2010

On the Best Collection of Baha'i Music Videos in One Place: The Baha'i-Inspired Music Listeners Club on Facebook

Just when I think I know Baha'i music, I come across something that tells me I don't. Such as Harri's list. Who's Harri? Harri of The Baha'i-Inspired Music Listeners Club on Facebook. (There are actually multiple administrators to the group, but Harri's the one whose name I see the most.)
There are now no less than 150 videos up by almost 100 artists . There are people here whose names I don't recognize. Surely this is the best collection of Baha'i music videos all in one spot the net.
Today Harri put up videos by Chris Rosser. Interesting that Chris toured as keyboardist for master Turkish musician Omar Faruk Tekbilek (2005). Thanks, Harri and friends, for continuing bring to my attention the limitations of my knowledge. -gw

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