Wednesday, June 16, 2010

On There's a Train A-Coming: People, are you ready?

While Facebook strives for privacy, 4Chan features anonymity. Below is a question, what is the Baha'i Faith, posed on 4Chan, "The Anti-Facebook In The World Of The Open Graph," which has drawn some 25 responses at the time of my reading it.  Some on the responders are sympathetic to the Faith, some are mocking, and some are vulgar. Some of the perceptions are right on and some are way off. The responses illustrate, nevertheless, how the Faith continues to penetrate the consciousness of mankind and are indicative of issues that people will bring up in their investigation of it.  People, are you ready, there's a train a-coming. -gw

 Anonymous 06/16/10(Wed)08:30 No.1369476  

Hey /int/

What can you guys tell me about the Baha'i faith? I've heard a bit about it, but it's not too prominent in my country. Think it's something I should look into?

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