Thursday, June 24, 2010

On Smiling Along With Stories of Discovery: Lord made her a handful

Hopefully, it will be easier to surround myself with people of my own faith. I can only hope. It took quite some time for me to find fellow Baha'i folks here, but I would assume back in the U.S. it would be easier. I sure hope that's the case, though adapting to a new set of people, and waiting for them to adapt to my outgoing, straight-forward, shoot-from-the-hip nature, well, that will be an adventure for sure.  I'm a great person, but Lord made me a handful.
I have an ever-increasing network of Baha'is in my life- world-wide now- and I am thrilled at this. I have always loved people, but there's a different quality about the Baha'i community. We trust each other, depend on each other. Every time I speak to a new Baha'i it is much the same; we begin with the sizing up, ensuring that the other is not of the rare sort that preaches just a little too much or remembers their own humanity just a tad too rarely. Once we've established that neither of us are amongst that group, we hit it off quite well, and find that we have a great deal in common, and that we both have quite a bit of interesting things to say and discuss. At least by military standards, if not American or human standards, the sizing-up period tends to be quite brief, though I think it's a natural and much-needed part of human interaction.
Thank God I'm Baha'i, because I remember, right at this moment, why I struggled so much with trying to be the proverbial Good Christian. I cannot wrap my head around the thought that there are women out there who genuinely believe that their entire identity is based solely on the man they married. I feel like I should be saying Hail Marys for thinking about all of this. 

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