Sunday, June 20, 2010

On Quiet Shoes: Pictures of a premiere

Isaac Olsen, filmmaker
There I was stealing intellectual property, standing in the back of the Rialto Theater with my camera clicking as Quiet Shoes was up on the screen, and what does the usher do but bring me a chair. Does that make him culpable?
What a night and what a crowd! A blend of Girl Trouble-inspired garage punk groupies the family and friends of the those associated with the movie, including the extensive Baha'i family, and the curious, out for a night on the town.  It was a crowd who had whipped themselves in to a frenzy of  all-Tacoma-all the-time boosterism, whether they were from the City of Destiny or not. Ernest Jasmin, the music and entertainment columnist with the Tacoma News Tribune, was there --  hey, he looks just like his picture!
Kim, Lisa, Chris, Shadi, Nancy, Helen, Shawn, Arlene, Russ, Robbie, Karen .... and so many more ...  so many souls there to lend their support and encouragement to the efforts of a Baha'i who has grown up in the community and can't be considered a youth anymore. His future is as bright as the lights on the Rialto markee.
Man, the tricks in this film! In personality Isaac is no show-off, but the movie is a great vehicle to show off his intense filmmaking talents. Dare I say, I liked the soundtrack the best. This film wins that category for me. -gwd

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