Wednesday, June 02, 2010

On Paula Proclaims She Is a Baha'i: To avoid going to Mass

Ah, the challenge of interfaith marriage. -gw
Paula gets bored at Mass and begins to fidget. Joel tells her to sit still. She plays with the kneeler. Joel begins to get angry. He threatens to take her outside if she doesn't behave. This sounds great to her! Joel has lost his temper with her almost every time they've gone to Mass and on at least one occasion she's been spanked.

What is my role in this debacle? I'm not Catholic, and as far as I'm concerned I have no jurisdiction when it comes to how Joel wants to share his Faith with his daughter. He certainly doesn't interfere with the Baha'i children's classes, Feasts, study circles, holy days and other events Paula and I regularly participate in.

Paula enjoys going to the Baha'i events. She proudly proclaims that she is a Baha'i and she follows Baha'u'llah. This morning she used this rationale in an attempt to avoid going to Catholic Mass.

I told her that as a Baha'i she is also a follower of Jesus, that worshiping God in Jesus' house is an act that pleases Baha'u'llah. I told her to show everyone there what it means to be a Baha'i child: reverent, respectful, full of love. I also suggested she take a small notebook in which to draw or write when she got bored so she wouldn't bother others.


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