Sunday, June 27, 2010

On Barbara Talley's 'The Best of Us' Audition: Oprah's search, you can vote

I propose a show called “The Best of US” It is a show dedicated to showcasing humans at their best and promoting our advancement as human spiritual beings. The show’s goal is to help you and I move from a ME to a WE mentality, to help us see our oneness, and that we are one people, living on one planet, under one creator. 1. IMAGINE a show that focuses on the Human Race at It’s BEST! 2. Imagine a show that makes you feel good about being human. 3. Imagine a show that extols virtue and good character. 4. Imagine a show that expands your horizons by educating you about the oneness of the whole human race. A show that showcases models of unity, of groups working together, of people getting along. 5. Imagine a show with a hint of reality tv- showing the positive results of what can happen when diverse people choose to walk in each other’s shoes for a week. 6. Imagine a show that brings on the best human motivators to help you to see your nobility, and greatness!
Thanks, Julia, for bringing this to my attention. -gwd

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