Thursday, June 17, 2010

On All in One Place: JB, Kelly, MJ, Kat, & Caeli at the New Orleans House of Blues

Here's how Talia of TaliaSafa wrote about an auspicious gathering of Baha'i musicians for a gig in New Orleans with Imogene Heap...
Our dear friend and partner in music, Caeli Lohr has had a very exciting year. Caeli has gone from being our single-guy next door neighbor who killed bugs for a living and made music in his bedroom to a married guy living in musician Imogen Heap's elliptical house in England with his wife, Kelly Snook, who runs Imogen's home studio and mixes her live show recordings. They just recently had a chance to perform on stage with Ms. Heap in New Orleans. Kelly arranged a cappella choir vocals for Imogen's song "Earth" and Caeli added his beatboxing.
This is how JB wrote about it...

It’s been a surreal 32 hours. Flying out to New Orleans at midnight from the middle of a tour, meeting a whole group of Kelly’s best friends and learning a choral arrangement with them right off the plane… soundchecking, playing the opening set, watching Imogen’s amazing show and singing the choral piece in the middle of it… getting to sleep at 2AM and getting up at 5:30 to fly back to the Northwest.

One of the strangest parts is how long I feel I’ve known all these people. It feels like we did a whole tour, not one gig… yet I barely learned everyone’s names. They all did a killer job onstage last night, especially MJ Cyr who opened up the show with me and knocked us all out with her song ‘Afterglow.’ What a song – beautiful. You are onto something there, MJ.

Here is MJ Cyr's rundown... -gw
So within 72 hours, I decided to buy a ticket for New Orleans. I was presented with the opportunity to be part of a choir that would sing Imogen Heap's song "Earth" with her on stage, and also play a couple of songs to open the show. ooooohhhhh and I did. oooooohhhh and it was amazing!

I got to reunite with amazing friends, meet new fabulous people, have a great chat with the fabulous ben Christophers (of Bat For Lashes), meet Imogen Heap, sing in front of a sold out crowd, and sing harmonies to Immi's song. that was pretty cool..

AND THEN I got a cold as soon as I got back to Canada, and worked a 12 hour serving shift the following day.

oooohhhhh I'm such a rock star.

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